PSC Shooting Club NRA, DPS & TPWD Certified Instructors

NOTE: Only instructors who are on the PSC Approved Instructor List can conduct classes and/or training sessions on PSC property. PSC maintians a sufficient number of instructors to provide a broad range of training opportunities, without overloading our facilities and depriving Member of access to ranges. This rule does not prohibit Members from teaching or coaching family members. There are no openings for additional instructors at this time. Additional Information.

T i t l e N a m e Telephone Number Basic Rifle Basic Pistol Basic Shotgun Home Firearm Safety Personal Protection
Inside the Home
Personal Protection
Outside the Home
Advanced Pistol Refuse to be a Victim Metallic
Texas Hunters Safety

Texas Concealed Handgun

Tactical Rifle

Competitive Shooting

NRA Certified Instructor

TxDPS Instructor

Charles Cotton


Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes   Yes    

TPWD Instructor

Joe Drobniak   Yes  Yes    Yes         Yes  Yes      
NRA Certified Instructor J.P. Guidry 832-226-6469                         Yes
NRA Certified Instructor Phil Myers     Yes                      
NRA Certified Instructor Jim Pierce 832-851-8412 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes     Yes        
TPWD Instructor Heidi Rao                    



TPWD Instructor

John Rao                    


SWAT Instructor Mark Scales               Yes         Yes  
NRA Certified Instructor Mark Stavrakis     Yes                      
NRA Certified Insturctor Danny Stowers   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes     Yes Yes        
NRA Certified Instructor Kevin Svetlik   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes