• PSC Shooting Club, Inc.

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  • Informal & Match Shooting

    Whether your interest is informal shooting, match participation, self-defense training and/or practice, PSC is the club for you!
  • PSC Women's Program

    PSC hosts a monthly shooting program just for women. It consists of "handgun 101" as well as more advanced training and just plain fun!
  • PSC Juniors Program

    This monthly event has been a big hit with junior shooters ages 12 - 18. Our "kids" rotate month through all shooting disciplines available at PSC, including archery.
  • Training & Education

    All NRA training courses, the Texas Concealed Handgun License Course, and Texas Hunter Safety Education courses are offered at PSC. Also available are basic, intermediate and advanced handgun and self-defense courses.
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Status of Ranges

All ranges are operating normally.

See YAPL page for Pistol Bay reservations.

PSC Matches & Programs

IDPA          NRA Rifle Matches
USPSA          Rifle & Pistol Silhouete
IHMSA          Women's Program
Pistol Pin/Plate          Juniors Program
Steel Challenge          Educational Series




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  • Keep Your Powder Dry
    Keep your powder dry, you may need it to shoot snakes, skeeters, and gators! However, you won't need it to shoot this Saturday, June
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  • cmp logo The CMP is giving CMP affiliated clubs the opportunity to notify surrounding area clubs about their upcoming CMP Sanctioned Match.
    The South Texas Marksmanship Training Center is holding
    Read More
  • Online renewal for the 2015/2016 PSC membership year will be opening up on March 15, 2015. This year, we will be using the Club's PayPal account to process

    Read More
  • We are here again. The New Year brings us close to the start of the renewal season for 2015/2016.

    As a Club we are constantly trying to make

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  • psc character 68x68 All available Member slots have been filled and membership is closed. It will reopen after renewal season closes on June 30, 2015 and the number of Members who

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  • Concentration

    You talk'n to me? Well, maybe not, but maybe I need to. Sometimes shooters on the firing line are so concentrating on their shooting that they lose

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  • Joining PSC
  • Refunds/Privacy
  • Carbines
Joining PSC Shooting Club, Inc. requires attending the New Member Orientation and being a Member of the NRA. Membership is capped and people on the New Member Waiting List are periodically invited to join. The New Member Waiting List is opened periodically until a specific number of people have registered, then it is closed. Read More
PSC has established both a Refund Policy and a Privacy Policy. The details of those policies are set out in the link below. The vast majority of Club Members renew online using a credit card. All credit card processing is done by an outside merchant service on secure servers. The PSC Member database does not collect credit card information. Read More
Certain rifles can be shot on Bay 2B if a Member has a current Carbine Variance. This procedure was established to provide an opportunity to practice 3-Gun and SASS matches. Requirements to obtain and renew Carbine Variances are set out in the linked article and they cannot be waived. Read More
  • Club Rules
  • PSC Instructors
  • RO Program
The Club has adopted and published a comprehensive set of rules and every Member is required to read, understand and follow those rules. Members are also required to ensure that all of their family and guests also follow all Club Rules. If you haven't reviewed the rules lately, you should read them both to refresh your memory and to check for any rules changes. Read More
Only instructors who are on the PSC Approved Instructor List can conduct classes and/or training sessions on PSC property. Instructors are vetted before being added to the Approved Instructor List and only people with several years of volunteer service to the Club and its Members are eligible for consideration. There are no current openings. Read More
PSC Range Officers are key in the operation of your Club. These Members serve 4 hour shifts that fit their schedules and they help the Club to run smoothly and efficiently and in accordance with the published Rules and policies. There is no minimum number of shifts an RO must work, so most Members can fit RO service into their schedules. Read More

Special Programs & Training

  • Training & Education +

    Training courses and classes in all shooting disciplines are available at PSC Shooting Club, Inc. All are taught by certified Read More
  • PSC Juniors Program +

    New shooters between ages 12 and 18 are always welcome. It is not necessary to have attended previous sessions or Read More
  • PSC Women's Program +

    The PSC Shooting Club, Inc. Women's Program is for Members and non-members alike.  It is held on the first Saturday Read More
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